Are you looking for a nice, easy to do summertime cake recipe that would have a fresh, moist taste and could be eaten with chilled drinks on a hot sunny afternoon, by a poolside or chilling on the patio? Look no further.

I have the best of summertime food recipes.

This 7up bundt cake is perfect for just this kind of occasion. It’s simple – you can use a cake mix to make 7 up cake from scratch. It’s full of flavor – 7UP adds the zesty, tangy taste to it. It looks great – the classic bundt shape make it look sophisticated and lush.

If you with, you can make this cake from scratch, but i have to say that using a regular yellow cake mix as a base for 7 up cake recipe takes nothing off the homemade flavor and look. You can frost it with a common vanilla cream glaze or just decorate it with powdered sugar and mint sprigs, it all works great.

I’m not sure if it’s the bubbles in 7UP that make this cake so fluffy and airy, but here’s a tip that always improves cake base fluffiness levels: beat the egg yolks and whites separately. Cream the yolks with a bit of sugar till they are much lighter in color and beat the whites till they form stable peaks. Then fold the whites gently into the batter – and you will be amazed at how airy, fluffy and moist the final result is.

7up cake recipe from scratch is perfect for unplanned party.

You can also use Mountain Dew for this cake, if you’re more a fan of it. Sprite in any of its varieties works just as fine. Depending on how fancy you want to have it, you can serve it with fresh berries, ice-cream, a sprinkling of lime and lemon zest or any other summertime food decor you think is suitable for your occasion.

It is perfect to have with wine spritzers, iced tea, iced coffee. A great ‘let’s chill’ recipe all in all!