There are some ube cakes for any family, in any mood, for any holiday or season. Just choose your favorite taste of cream or filling: buttercream, jam, powder, caramel, candy.

This version of sweet cakes or cupcakes is the one love for Filipinos.  Simple ube cake recipe is best for christmas due to its delicious chiffon texture and cookie crust, which creates rainbow of flavours. Another name of it is purple filipino cake.

This traditional Filipino cake is probably one of the most interesting desserts I’ve ever tried. I have this recipe from a college friend, who now has her own baking store and this purple yam cake is one of her staple house dishes.

With its bright, purple color, this ube cake stands out so much at any celebration table, no one will miss it. And its unique flavor is also something that can hardly be described, but you are certain to remember it.

The ube extract gives this cake unique coloring and flavor, other than that the recipe is pretty regular. I would recommend beating the egg yolks and whites separately for the batter to make the cake fluffier. You may also want to use a purple food dye if you’re aiming for a very vibrant shade of purple, both for the frosting and for the cake.

Ube purple yam cake is perfect for celebration!

The meringue frosting is really a highlight of this cake. It may take a bit of effort to make, but its texture is what allows you to get so creative with the decoration part, make little rosettes and swirls. You beat the egg whites until they are very stiff and form peaks that don’t lose their shape, and you’re all set. And you can be sure the frosting will remain where you put it and keep up the pretty looks.

If you want for something really special and outstanding for your celebration, try this ube cake recipe. It’s both a treat to the eyes and a mouth-watering delight to eat.