There are a lot of yellow cake mix recipes. We all know an love key lime pies, but they are a bit of a hassle to make at home, so we usually have them when we go out or when we visit our cook-wizard relatives and friends.

This recipe is for those who love key lime flavor but would love something that is easier to cook than a key lime pie. Believe it or not, making it into a cake is a much simpler option! Key lime pie cake recipe is the easiest I know.

I think it’s time to me to tell you a secret and warn you that key limes are rather hard in zesting so please do not zest off your finger.

And now, another fun fact for you. Regula limes work for this cake just fine, so you don’t have to go out of yourself trying to find key limes. I’m going to give you a from scratch version of this recipe, but psst, if you feel a little lazy, using a cake mix is also fine. If you’re going for this option, I’d recommend using yellow cake mix.

The batter of this pie consists of usual ingredients and you could pour a bit of lime juice into it to yield green color and citrusy taste. My beloved key lime cake recipe from scratch!

When the batter is baked in the oven and cooled slather it with some cream cheese and decorate your dessert frosting with confetti of lime zest.

The process is really simple. Follow the instructions to bake the cake base (you can follow my instructions below or use the instructions on the cake mix packaging), then cover it with the icing. I really love the lime flavor of the icing, this dessert is so fresh and tender, it will make your mouth water.

Key lime cake icing is fresh as breeze. I love having it with freshly brewed strong coffee, so you can guess, it’s my favorite weekend breakfast. Limes fun facts: their smell cheers up and taste makes you more cheerful. There are a lot of unique frosting recipes, but I love this one.

I love having it with freshly brewed strong coffee, so you can guess, it’s my favorite weekend breakfast.

I love lime smell, so I use a LOT of limes. And I sprinkle zest all over the cake for additional tangy flavor and well, it does look pretty and vibrant with that awesome green color. Bake this key lime cake with cream cheese frosting for the party and it will become the hit!

You can vary the amount of lime juice and sugar you add to the cream cheese frosting to balance out the sour lime flavor and the sweetness.

See, it’s really as simple as a piece of cake! Enjoy!