Galaxy mirror mini cakes or big cakes (depend on your tastes and the fact whether you want to show the cuteness of small version) are the works of art and the real delight for your eyes. Galaxy themed cakes have smooth texture of brownies, cocoa mousse (or heavy cream) and colorful glossy gelatin glazes. Galaxy mousse cake will have success at any parties with the look of sphere miniature of any galaxies. Your guests will be excited by taste, colors of surface and flavor.

You want to know how to make a space themed cake? Welcome to cooking club.

Galaxy cake is a mousse-based dessert that looks so decorative and beautiful, you’ll want to have it and eat it at the same time. Space cake recipe is not complicated, you should try.

These space-themed, cosmic-looking delicious globes that look like galaxy pendants are perfect for any space-related party. If you’re throwing a Star Wars birthday party for you kid, or need a space-related dessert for a school cookout, or simply want to impress friends with a cool-looking dish, this one’s for you.

Galaxy birthday cake or galaxy brownies are main thing on any party.

This cake uses mirror-glaze, a specific mix of white chocolate and gelatine that created a glowy, otherworldly look which is perfect for these cakes. Galaxy mirror glaze recipe is simple, but look so great. You can use a variety of food dyes, mix them boldly. Some of them already come with cool effects such as glitter or color dodge, and you can exploit that to come up with absolutely stunning looking galaxy cakes.

Cook chocolate galaxy cake for kids, and become a magician.

The underside is that the galaxy cake chocolate recipe is a bit complicated, so it will take a while to make and some effort, too. It has at least three components, so be prepared to spend some time in the kitchen. I have to say though that the outcome is absolutely worth it.

This particular space cake recipe uses chocolate mousse and brownie base, but you can switch the mouse for any other flavour and use something else for the base, even something as simple as a mix of Graham crackers, butter and sugar.

To give the cakes a very specific half-globe shape, I used a silicone baking mold. I would absolutely recommend in investing in some for baking, as it’s so much easier to extract cakes and muffins, especially if you’re making something as delicate as this space themed cake.

You can also add space-themed sprinkles to the cakes to create nebulas, constellations and other beautiful designs. Let your imagination fly here. And one last thing, don’t save on cheaper white chocolate kinds, use the real thing for the glaze, because you don’t want fats in the cheap substitutes to ruin your glaze and your entire venture.