Okay, this cake is for those who absolutely love Coca-cola and need a bit of sugar rush in your system. Scratch that, with a whooping two cups of sugar, not counting the sugar in two cans of coke, it can really give you a sugar high.

Despite the amount of sugar, it really is a delicious cake and sometimes, you know, you just have to indulge, that’s all. The delicious coke frosting and the wonderful, moist texture of the cake are perfect for just that kind of case. All in all, it’s one of the best comfort foods I know of.

It is debatable whether real Coke/Pepsi or their diet varieties should be used, but there’s also a proven fact that the amount of sugar in a baked cake also affects the texture. As sugar melts and blends during the baking, it makes the cake texture more viscous and moist without it being underbaked. But if you’re okay with dryer cake, you can easily reduce the amount of sugar and switch the original Coke or Pepsi for diet versions.

Here’s a good tip for you – if you want your frosting thicker, boil the coke a little longe to evaporate more excess liquid. It also might take a few tries for you to find your perfect texture of this cake before you hit just the right combo of moisture and thickness.

And, one last small tip, if you have trouble sleeping, I wouldn’t recommend eating this cake anywhere around dinner time, because all the sugar is sure to make you very hyper. On the contrary, if you need to cheer up and get going, a piece of this cake will make for excellent fuel for you. Have at it!