Strawberry shortcake is an alltime beloved classic. I’ve been making it since I can remember myself, together with my mom and grandma, who had been making it for years before me. It never gets old or boring and it’s the kind of simplicity that is perfection.

This strawberry shortcake sponge cake recipe is the finest when strawberries are in high season. The combination of cloud-soft sponge cake, whipped cream and fresh, tangy strawberries is absolutely delicious and it will leave no one unaffected.

I also love how beautiful the cake looks, there are so many warm, bright colors to it, the off-white of fresh whipped cream, warm sunny yellows of the sponge cake and of course, those ripe, red strawberries that make this special strawberry shortcake aesthetic.

I really enjoy my food looking good as well as tasting good, but usually it takes additional effort to make your food aesthetically pleasing.In the case of strawberry shortcake, it’s no effort at all. It really is hard to miss with this one.

Since the strawberry shortcake cake recipe is rather simple, I like making it from scratch completely. But you can use a sponge cake mix or even get ready-made sponge cake base from the store, if you don’t feel like cooking much. I usually add vanilla to the cake batter, because vanilla goes so well with whipped cream and strawberries. You can use vanilla extract or, if you feel sophisticated, a vanilla bean.

There are different recipes of this cake. You can add sweet filling or pretty frosting made of powdered sugar and chocolate topping or sweetened cheese. Taste will be amazing anyway. I like to  bake my favorite rustic cake in summer. My kitchen and backyard become full of flavors before dinner, thats real magic. I put sliced cake on plate or in bowl.

Whipped cream is important. It makes its own fluffy layer, to separate juicy fruit jam and gorgeous dough layers and lightly decorate the top of cake. You can use store-made whipped cream, but note that it has to be stabilized, otherwise it will lose its shape and fluffiness very soon. You can use Cool Whip, for instance. Or whip your own cream. You should always use heavy cream for whipping if you want it thick and stable.

And well, strawberries. Best of them will come from your own garden, grown with love. But if you don’t have one, getting farm-grown organic strawberries is a good option. When in high season, almost all strawberries are as good as any.

Check out the instructions below and enjoy this marvellous dessert! It is easy to make!