Orange cake is a variety of poundcake, made with orange juice, zest and pulp to give it a pure, rich citrus flavor combined with a smooth texture of a traditional pound cake. Because the ingredients and the cake itself is quite simple, it’s important to pick out good ingredients and mix them properly. This way, the texture will be perfectly moist.

Take the biggest pan you have in kitchen and bake a large loaf!

This is one of the desserts I like to make during summer. It’s fruity and fresh without being overly sweet, it’s moist without being laden with heavy cream and fillings and it’s portable so that I can take a couple of pieces with me to work or a picnic.

Like i said, what really makes this cake is the ingredients. I usually go for free range large eggs, fresh sweet oranges instead of packaged orange juice, fine cake flour, brown sugar and good quality butter. All ingredients must be room temperature before you start cooking, this way, they will blend much better.

So, I recommend taking the butter out of the fridge at least half an hour before you start, the same goes for the eggs. Some recipes suggest mincing the orange zest, but I find grating the whole orange on a grate much easier. You can then peel off the rest of the zest easily and use the orange.

If you are looking for a pure citrus taste, the oranges is all you need for the flavor. But you can also enhance it by adding a few spices, for instant, grated almonds, cloves or even chocolate chips, depending on what kind of combinations looks most attractive to you personally.

Use white chocolate for frosting if you like it more. Main thing about glaze that it should become crust on delicate slice. That`s why I do not use syrup for this light fluffy cake. Sprinkle glazed cake with powdered sugar. Icing is very important for this pie, because children like to scratch it! Recipe is easy, cake is dense, filled with oranges and drizzled with chocolate.

Most of the cooks agree that mixing is the most important part in making the cake really good. I tend to think the same. That’s why I recommend using room temperature ingredients, beating eggs one at a time or even separating whites from yolks to beat them separately, and sifting your flour before you fold it in. Add some lemon and mandarin to strengthen bitter citrusy taste of the homemade dessert. That`s triple taste! It is one of my favorite cakes. Even keeping to these simple recommendations will yield very fine results!

Put a slice on plate, realize that every bite is perfect with hot drinks.