This cassava pie recipe comes from Phillipines and is always a welcome diversion from traditional American desserts I bake. It’s made of maniocs, a root vegetable grown in the south.

I make this cake with grated cassava, but there are recipes that use cassava flour instead. This is the most easy cassava cake recipe I know.

This casava cake does not include oil, cheese, starch, butter, eggs or other unhealthy or allergic ingredients like classic desserts do. I mix couple teaspoons of brown sugar, teaspoon of cinnamon, milk, yolks and cassava in large bowl. You dont need much time to make nice soft batter.

Cassava is a great gluten-free product, so using it or flour made from it is a great way to create gluten-free desserts. This tapioca cake recipe is diet-friendly.

First step of this simple and easy cassava cake recipe is to grease your pan.  Now begin the process.

This delicious treat is also lower on calories than many wheat-flour based desserts. Topped with a decadent custard cream, it gives exotic, rich flavor and can be eaten for a variety of occasions. I use coconut milk for the custard topping, because It goes so well with cassava own flavor and creates a great tropical, almost exotic combination of the cake.

Cooking cassava cake using cassava flour is the best way.


I think you can easily substitute coconut milk with almond milk, add pineapple juice for flavor enhancement, if you feel like it.

Add to that the fact that it’s absolutely simple to make manioc cake, and you have one of the most ideal dessert recipes out there. I prefer using grated fresh or frozen manioc instead of tapioca or manioc flour, because it retains the texture, and when cooked, the texture is even better for baked cassava cake. It’s smooth, creamy, probably the best pudding base I know of.

There are a few tips to preparing fresh cassava tubers if that’s what you’re using. Make sure you cut off the tips of the tubers on both sides. Peal the tubers and grate them, if you’re going to use them immediately. If they are bitter – you can soak them in water for an hour.