Do you know how to make banana split cake? What could be easier than this classic crust pastry. Crackers, eggs and the filling – custard or cherry jam, or strawberries and cherries for the top or as substitution of bananas – banana split layer cake is great for easter or summer holidays.

No bake cake recipes hold a special place in my heart. FIrst of all, not having to deal with the baking part means I don’t have to interact with heat, which also means, kids can handle this easy banana split cake recipe all on their own. I find it very important to give kids things to do in the kitchen, dessert that they can make on their on from start to finish without any help from the adults.

But this banana split recipe is also as delicious as it is simple, so you can be sure, when you trust your kids with making it, that it will turn out just fine. There really is no chance to spoil this one.

I usually use cream cheese for pudding layers of this cake, the simplest variety, mixed with sugar. You can go for sweet flavored cream cheese or mix it with condensed sweet milk, add vanilla or caramel sauce, if you want more flavors.

You can also use whipped cream or Cool Whip instead, or even go for a packaged vanilla pudding mix if you feel like it. Anything goes, and plenty of flavors go well with mashed bananas, so I encourage you or your kids if it’s them who’s making the cake, to experiment.

Nuts are also optional in banana split cake recipe, so if you are allergic to them, they can be easily substituted with berries, pineapple pieces or other chopped fruit or skipped altogether, it’s all up to you. The same goes for chocolate syrup. I usually just pour a bit of Hershey’s chocolate or strawberry syrup on top. Well, that’s about it for preliminaries, I hope you and your kids have fun making this awesome cake and enjoy eating it afterwards.