French cuisine and french cooking traditions gave us some of the most amazing dessert recipes out there. I was in Paris once, and one of my most cherished memories of the city is all those times I got to sit down at a tiny table outside at one of the countless la pâtisserie-s and ordered coffee and dessert.

When in France I must have eaten dozens of eclairs. These lovely light, creamy and chocolatey pastries are my absolute French favorites. Now… what if they came in a shape of a cake? And what if they were so easy to make, compared to the actual eclairs, even a school kid could handle them?

This cake is my salvation when I have French vibes and don’t have a few hours at hand for cooking actual eclairs or am quite tight on budget to spend a lot in a good French restaurant.

I use Cool Whip to make this cake and a store-bought French vanilla pudding. You can also go with regular heavy whipped cream or even whip some yourself, just mind that it must be heavy cream.

The cake is really simple to make and the prep time is absolutely short. You can whip it in five minutes and all you have to do is endure the long waiting time while it cools and the Graham crackers soak enough of flavor and acquire the right texture.

And it does taste like the real eclairs, only you can make a lot of it without spending time or money. It’s also a great kid-friendly recipe as it requires no cooking. So, if you want to introduce a child to dessert-making, this is a great way to start.