When I think of simple, soft little wedding or anniversary cakes, or cakes for celebrating anything lovely, sweet and adorable, like your kid’s confirmation or your grandparents’ wedding anniversary, I think Chantilly cream cake.

Chantilly cake ingredients are dump mix of butter, eggs and any fruit or berry you can imagine – peaches in syrup, cherry, apple, raspberry even pumpkin as it is asd sweet as other fruits.

This lovely white mascarpone dessert, full of fluffy texture, airy cream filling and fresh berries reminds of all things pure. It is my favorite spring time dessert. As I said above, the slice of one of these desserts will make your celebration days perfect and tasty. It will become part of the delicious holiday pastry. Your mouth will be pleased with this bakery for sure.

I brought it to baby showers, to sweet sixteen parties, to my friends’ houses, to my new neighbors welcome dinners, to easter parties, to summer holidays, and it was welcome everywhere – where you can find some fruits in the fridge.

I use a regular yellow or white cake recipe for Italian chantilly cake layers and usually make 2-3 cakes and then cut them into two halves, so that I have 4-6 layers in total. The great thing is, you can use almost anything for frosting and filling.

I often use a combo of berry jam syrup and whipped cream for this chantily bing cake. There’s also a variant with cream cheese or mascarpone cheese, condensed milk and vanilla. You can also blend a banana in for a tender texture of the filling and a light, fresh banana flavor. It’s completely up to you and leaves plenty of room for your culinary creativity.

As for the berries – well, whatever is in season, whatever rocks your boat, really. I often use strawberry for this Chantilly cake recipe. Bing cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries. The best thing about berries is that they are wonderfully decorative as they are. And when you cover your cake with frosting, you don’t have to worry about making it look beautiful. Just throwing an assortment of berries on top will give it a great look. Okay, I can really wax poetic about this wonderful cake endlessly, but without much further ado, let’s see how it’s made and I hope you’ll love trying it out for yourself.