The icebox cake looks like a mountain of goodness. With multiple layers of puddings, crust, Cool Whip and baked pecans, this dessert is absolutely lush and looks like it’s come out of a gourmet food magazines.

I always go fot this recipe when I want something other than a traditional baked cake or cheesecake and don’t want a flan or a pudding. My favorite combo is the mix of chocolate and vanilla puddings and nuts, but of course, there are options.

I tried making this with coconut and vanilla puddings and almonds, with strawberry and vanilla puddings and fresh berries. The basic rule is, you have a hard crust, several pudding layers with occasional nuts inside and then a whipped cream topping. You can use Cool Whip, which is the easiest option, or a regular whipped cream. You can even go ahead and whip the cream yourself, just keep in mind, that you will need heavy cream for the whipping.

The same goes for puddings. You can buy off-the-shelf pudding mixes and make the pudding following instruction on the packaging, or you can make puddings from scratch, using gelatine and natural flavors.

In my experience, both versions are delicious so it’s mostly the matter of how much time you have and how much effort you want to spend.

Place flour and other ingredients in mixer, form layers, put them in oven – and you have the freshest product. crisp layer is soft! Only delicate filling in tender tart!

Never eat these airy desserts on table in kitchen, put on your white sandals, take your family, go to summer beach for all day. It is better than crackers, cakes, cookie recipes and any sweet dishes. icebox cake is my choice!

Put fruit or berries on top: strawberries, jam, banana, raspberries, mangoes

For the crust, I usually bake my own, as I can add any nuts to it and then crush it. But you can also use any leftover cookies you have at home, for example, with peanut butter flavor or chocolate chip cookies.

The pictures of this cake always look so grand, that you may think it’s extremely hard to make, but you’ll actually be surprised at how simple it is. Just follow these easy steps, and you will be able to surprize your nears and dears with an absolutely amazing dessert.
This cake created my glory of a brilliant baker.