If you love cobblers, but are not keen on cooking something too complicated, this simple, lazy, delicious recipe is exactly what you need to make an awesome dessert.

It’s so easy, you won’t believe it. Really, just three ingredients. You’ll manage to bake it even if you’ve never baked anything in your entire life.

This southern peach cobbler is also a great beginner recipe for the young ones that are eager to start doing things around kitchen. I made it with my three-year-old and seriously, he did almost everything, except opening the can with peaches and dealing with the hot stuff and the oven, it really is that simple.

All you will need is a can or two of peaches in syrup, depending on the amount of servings you plan (this recipe is meant for 2 cans), butter and off-the-shelf cake mix. I use yellow cake mix, but you can use any.

You can change the amount of syrup you use up, thus making the cobbler more juicy or a little more dry. I like my cobblers rich and moist so I usually only lightly drain the peaches. This way the crumble part is just the right texture and the peaches stay nice and moist.

In fact there could be various kinds of  filling for dump cakes. Peaches in syrup are good when it is winter or early spring.
But in autumn or summer there is nothing better than berries. Liquid juice will moist your pastry, make it soft. Use cherry, apple, blackberry, blueberry filling, fruit puree or fresh fruit whipped in blender for your desserts, believe me, you won’t be dissappointed.

You can even put pumpkin. Its sweet and original taste will certainly please you. And besides it is good for keeping in fridge.

The prep time is fast like nothing else, so this can really be a lifesaver for situations when you need to whip out a dessert and do it quick. When it’s ready – serve it with your favorite hot drink, ice cream or whipped cream, or eat it just as it is, it is still delicious.