If you are a pasta fanatic like me you will love this easy vodka sauce recipe. It is delicious and tastes just like a dish you would get in fancy restaurant without a hefty price tag. It is a great date night idea because cooking together with loved one is so much fun. This sauce is elegant but simple at the same time. And comes together in just under an hour from start to finish, a perfect time to have a glass of wine or two. The ingredients are pretty basic including tomatoes, half and half, vodka of course, aromatics like garlic and basil and parmesan cheese.

If you are worried about vodka adding harshness to the sauce, do not be concerned at all. It evaporates leaving behind just a touch of heat that is a great compliment to the acidity of the tomatoes and sweetness of half and half.

The sauce is a distinct orange color that looks so appetizing and pretty on the plate. Mix it with penne pasta and serve with your favorite salad for a complete, beautiful meal. The sauce is rich and exuberant with a dynamite flavor but nothing overwhelming or bold. I also like to give the vodka sauce a quick blend in the food processor for the perfectly smooth, velvety texture without any chunks. The sweet and tangy sauce will coat the delicate pasta pasta for an unbeatable combination of flavors and textures.

So next time you are craving comforting pasta with mouthwatering sauce safe yourself a trip to the restaurant and make this tasty recipe in the comfort of your own home. You will not be disappointed. This vodka sauce comes out perfect every time with this stellar recipe.