Make this delightful Japanese condiment at home, fresh ponzu sauce is a citrusy, savory, tart-tangy sauce very similar to vinaigrette. It combines the umami flavor of dashi a fundamental Japanese stock made out of kombu (dried kelp) and/or katsuobushi (dried and smoked bonito/skipjack tuna that is shaved into thin flakes) with citrus flavors of yuzu fruit. Soy sauce is added for the savory note as well with miring adding sweetness. This recipe is a modified version of the authentic Japanese ponzu sauce recipes. The ponzu sauce ingredients are simplifies and are easily found in grocery stores and asian markets.

In this ponzu sauce recipe we are using a combination of lemon and lime as a dominant citrus flavor in place of yuzu. Fresh yuzu sauce is hard to find outside of Japan.

But freshness is the key to the best ponzu sauce, the bottled citrus juice just wouldn’t cut it. Freshly squeezed lime and lemon really brightens up the bold and powerful flavors of the other potent ingredients.

Making ponzu sauce is actually a breeze. Combine all of the ingredients in a jar and let them steep for a while melding all the flavors together. The longer you soak the kelp and bonito flakes in soy sauce and citrus juices the stronger the flavors are going to be. I recommend leaving it overnight for the best flavor infusion. Sample your sauce and of you are satisfied with the results simply strain in through the mesh sieve.

You can use this versatile sauce as a marinade for the raw fish and make tataki, refreshing dipping sauce for the sashimi or your favorite noodles, or even as a simple vinaigrette for the salad or fresh vegetables. It is a powerhouse of flavors and is a perfect compliment to many delicately flavored items. You can keep this citrusy, delicious sauce in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.