This delicious homemade horseradish sauce is creamy, zesty with just a perfect amount of spicy kick to it. It is so much better than any of the store-bought packaged sauces. The taste is definitely worthy of the best steakhouse. This creamy, rich sauce is ideal for serving with prime rib, pork and beef tenderloin, steak or on sandwiches.

I want to share homemade horseradish sauce recipe with you.

The flavors are exceptionally balanced, the taste is dominant enough but not overwhelming, letting the true taste and flavor of meat shine through.

And it is easy and quick to make. It also holds great in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and only gets better with time after all the ingredient have time to blend in together. You can use a jar that is labeled prepared horseradish from the grocery store or use a fresh root shredded in a food processor together with water, vinegar and salt as a base for the sauce. The fresh root being twice as potent in spice and flavor as the jarred stuff so adjust the amounts accordingly to suit your personal palette. The creamy element in the sauce is a combination of mayo and sour cream and cider vinegar balancing everything out with an acidic note. Chopped chives add a hint of freshness to the luscious sauce. Horseradish sauce recipe is quite simple.

This sauce is amazing choice if you are a fan of spicy, bold sauces. Next time you are making the delicious meat dish serve it alongside this dynamite sauce and you will not be disappointed. Everyone will be raving about it begging you for the recipe of horseradish sauce. And just with five basic ingredients and a couple minutes of your time you have mighty flavorful sauce that is always a huge hit.