Give your salads, spring rolls and veggies a new life with this delicious peanut sauce. It is creamy, savory, sweet and slightly spicy all in one! And the best part is super easy and quick to make. Just five basic simple ingredients and you have delicious, original condiment that is a great compliment to many dishes really amping up their flavors.

The sauce is very versatile and flexible. You can substitute the ingredients that fit your diet or suit your palette.

Or whatever you have on hand in your pantry and fridge. The key ingredient is peanut butter but you can also use almond or even sunflower. The sweet element comes from maple syrup but honey also works great. Use Tamari in place of soy sauce if eating gluten free, and coconut aminos if following soy free diet. You can either use red pepper flakes, chili garlic sauce or 1 red Thai chili for the spicy kick and adjust the amounts according to your personal taste. Lime juice really brightens up the sauce cutting through the richness of it. And you have a choice of using water or coconut milk as a thinning agent. You can even throw in some chopped cilantro for an unbeatable freshness if desired.

I love this sauce with my asian inspired salads. It adds a ton of flavor and extra protein to the crisp fresh vegetables. But it is also absolute dynamite when served with noodles and fresh spring rolls. And the bonus is, it is a no brainer to make without any complicated ingredients and comes together in matter of minutes.