This easy marinara sauce is a tomato based sauce that is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere from simply topping your favorite pasta or using it in a more complex recipes in place of the store-bought, jarred variety.

Seriously once you try this quick and tasty made from scratch sauce it will be hard to go back to the non homemade one. I use it everywhere, in my lasagnas, soups, and casseroles. It is very easy to make as well. Just a short 30 minutes from start to finish. The sauce also stays fresh in the fridge for up to 5 days and freezes great.

Only a handful of simple ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, onion and olive oil fresh and dried herbs. The result is flavorful, aromatic red sauce that is simply delicious.

Tomatoes are generally acidic so this sauce has an addition of grated carrot to help cutting it down. You can also add sugar, more or less depending on the brand of canned tomatoes that you are using. The combination of crushed and whole canned tomatoes produces the best marinara sauce. But you can also use fresh tomatoes, just make sure to peel the skin off first.

Just a few simple steps to follow and the tomato sauce is ready. Start with sautéing aromatics together with the carrot in olive oil until fragrant and slightly cooked. Stir in tomatoes and the herbs and simmer for 20 minutes. That is it, your homemade masterpiece is ready. No added preservatives or extra sodium. Healthy and wholesome sauce that has an unbelievably well rounded flavor and a great texture. You can adjust the thickness of the sauce by adding water. Make it on a thinner side if you are planning to use as a spaghetti sauce, or thicker of it is gonna go on pizza or inside the lasagna.