I have been making this traditional cranberry sauce for holidays for several year now and it’s always received really well. I get a lot of compliments at Thanksgiving by people that say they don’t usually like cranberry sauce but this one is really good, and asking for the recipe as well. It is a quintessential sauce that you can’t imagine your festive table without and a perfect complement to your ham or turkey or any other sides. It really brightens up the heaviness of an array of filling dishes served at Holidays.

Looks beautiful and really brings in a pop of gorgeous red color to every plate. A perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors with just a touch of spice from cinnamon this sauce is phenomenal. Orange juice and sugar add a needed sweetness balancing out tart cranberries, while orange peel intensifies the citrus flavor. This sauce is crazy delicious.

It is often overlooked and people resort to the “easy” canned stuff thinking it is complicated and time consuming to make cranberry sauce from scratch. But this sauce is Easy and requires a minimal effort and a fraction of time. Only takes 15 short minutes and a handful of basic ingredients. Follow a few simple step and the sauce is ready in a blink of an eye. And incomparably better than the stuff from the can.

The best part is that you can make this sauce way in advance. It is served chilled and tastes even better after all the flavors have time to blend in together in the fridge. Super convenient during all the holiday craziness. I have been getting lots of praise on this holiday classic and happy to share this amazing recipe with you!