Looking to spice up your chicken or fish with an exceptional marinade and glaze, or cooking a delicious stir fry at home and need an outstanding sauce, I got you covered. Teriyaki sauce is delicious and perfect for both. It is savory, sweet, acidic and refreshing all in one. The flavors are balanced to perfection and make this sauce versatile and great for different uses in the kitchen.

This teriyaki sauce recipe is very easy and quick to make. Just a short ingredient list of 5 items all you need to whip up this savory sauce. Soy sauce, rice vinegar, sake, fresh ground ginger and sugar combined together create an irresistibly tasty sauce. Just a short few minutes on the stove for the sugar to melt and all the flavors meld together and the teriyaki sauce is ready.

You can make a large batch and keep the leftover for later. It is great to have on hand and stores in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. So you can easily add it to any of your favorite proteins and Asian inspired dishes to amp up the flavor and taste.

Teriyaki sauce is such a staple in Asian cooking with the classic sweet and salty combination of flavors.

Fresh ginger really brightens up the sauce and sugar help with caramelization while cooking. The ingredients are not written in stone and you can absolutely substitute to fit you personal taste, diet or the content of your pantry. You can use honey or any kind of sugar like brown or coconut. Swap sake for mirin and rice vinegar for white wine vinegar if you do not have the correct ingredients available. Either way the sauce will taste great.