In this recipe we are going to transform a package off ground beef into something magical called bolognese sauce. This authentic Italian sauce is hearty and robust with exuberant and rich flavors of meat. You are gonna have to be patient because it does take a while to develop the depth and complexity of the multidimensional taste. About two hours. But if you wait long enough you will be rewarded with the most delicious, smooth, melt in your mouth texture sauce that is to die for.

I might seem like a daunting task to cook the sauce for so long but trust me it is worth every minute of it.

We are gonna start with building the flavors using a mix of vegetables then adding ground beef to it. White wine will infuse the sauce with even more tasty flavors. Tomato paste and crushed tomatoes tend to be acidic but the sweetness on the milk and vegetables balances it out perfectly in this sauce. Milk is an essential part of the sauce, really rounding up all of the bold flavors and aiding to the wonderful velvety texture. The seasonings are minimum. We really want that dominant beefy flavor shine through. Bay leaf and garlic are simple aromatics added to the sauce.

Since the ground beef is the star of the sauce I recommend buying high quality organic or grass fed lean beef. Serve this comforting culinary masterpiece over your favorite pasta topped with freshly grated parmesan for an added savory note and fresh basil for an unbeatable freshness. This recipe is simply phenomenal. Just traditional, basic ingredients create and amazing sauce that is a huge hit and will please even the biggest food enthusiasts.