Tahini sauce is a delicious condiment widely used in Middle Eastern and Israeli cuisines. It is creamy, tangy, nutty and exceptionally smooth. And a perfect compliment to so many favorite dishes like falafel, hummus, fresh and roasted vegetables, whole grains like quinoa and faro.

The quintessential ingredient in this full-bodied sauce is crushed and toasted sesame seed paste known as tahini. Making homemade tahini might seem like an intimidating task but with a little bit of patience and effort you can whisk it together like a pro. And it is so much better homemade, with more balanced and delicate all around flavors. Traditional ingredients include tahini paste, lemon juice, fresh garlic and water. But do not let this ridiculously short list fool you. This sauce packs a powerful flavor punch that really enhances and enlivens the taste of the dishes it is served with.

The garlic taste and aroma is pungent and bold and can be overwhelming. You can soak the garlic for 10 minutes in lemon juice to tame the flavor if you prefer. Then drain the juice leaving the bits of garlic behind for even more smooth sauce. You can skip this step if you do not mind the garlic breath.

The process of blending tahini is like an art. But I find it easiest to do it in the blender, rather then mixing it by hand.

It is truly turns into an effortless and painless experience. Just blend everything together for a few minutes until the the ivory color and beautiful silky smooth consistency achieved. Add more water for a thinner sauce of desired. Serve with any of you favorite dishes.