This is a quick and easy homemade recipe for the famous yum yum sauce served in most Japanese hibachi restaurants. What is yum yum sauce? It is also called shrimp sauce, seafood sauce or Japanese vegetable sauce. And just like the name implies this sauce is yummy indeed. Even the most health cautious individuals will drown anything in sight in this amazing sauce, that is how good it tastes. It is also a very pretty, salmon shade of pink and looks extremely appetizing and eye pleasing. This sauce pairs phenomenally with almost anything. It is very versatile and universal. Grilled chicken, beef and fish, rice stir fries, vegetables, seafood – everything is better when dunked in this delicious concoction. So you can try this yum yum sauce recipe instead of ordinary ketchup or other sauce.

You can absolutely buy a store made yum yum shrimp sauce. But the homemade, made from scratch is so incomparably better. And it only takes basic ingredients and five minutes to make. The base for this creamy delight is mayonnaise with an addition of ketchup or tomato paste, butter, salt, sugar and spices. The combination of mayo and ketchup creates the appealing pink color of the sauce. And butter always makes everything taste a tad better. Sugar brings in a pleasant sweet note with the spice mix (paprika garlic and onion powder) round up the short ingredient list.

This tasty sauce is tangy, savory, sweet and zesty all in one. Perfectly balanced flavors and wonderful silky creamy texture. This sauce is a winner.

If you a spicy food lover feel free to add a kiss of your favorite hot sauce or cayenne pepper to the moisture. This sauce is easy and simple and truly addictive. You can not get enough of it! Here is the recipe of how to make this yum yum sauce.