Chimichurri is a traditional uncooked sauce that is originated in Argentina and Uruguay. It is oil based and made with fresh vegetables and herbs, and the fresher the better in this case, and no cooking involved at all. The sauce authentically is just chopped herbs and vegetables loose on oil. So there is no blending in food processor allowed. It has to be this chunky delicious concoction dripping of your churrasco (flank) steak, fish or chicken.

With key ingredients like red chili peppers, fresh garlic, parsley, and dried oregano you can just imagine how intense the flavor of this sauce will be. The dominating flavors being garlic and parsley. Bold flavored fresh garlic can be overwhelming so you can adjust the amount according to your likings. Olive oil is a perfect carrier for the fresh herbs and peppers and red vine vinegar is an acidic element adding a perfectly balanced tang.

The sauce is bright green, phenomenally fresh and the smell is just heavenly. It is herby, with a little spicy kick, definitely garlicky and slightly tangy.

Potent flavored but pairs wonderfully with meat and vegetables. It really is great for amping up the flavors of anything it is served with. If you are a fan of fresh, boldly flavored sauces like pesto this chimichurri sauce is you dream come true. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the extraordinary taste of the sauce. And it will become a regular accompaniment to your favorite grilled steak, chicken or fish. This recipe is authentic and absolutely foolproof. Just a few basic ingredients come together to create this amazing emerald goodnesses. Enjoy!