Do you know how to make cheese sauce? Sometimes it’s called club sauce I don’t know why. This cheese sauce recipe is easy and quick to make, versatile, very kids friendly and simply delicious. If you are a huge cheese lover like me, mastering this simple sauce is a must. Everyone loves this creamy, silky smooth, cheesy sauce goodness. Cheese-based sauce is ideal for serving with vegetables and baked potatoes, great for nachos or as a chip dip. Try club sauce in macaroni and cheese and cheese steak sandwiches.

Just a handful of simple, basic ingredients and a no-fail stove top cooking technique and the sauce is ready. Since there is so few ingredients like milk, butter, flour and cheese I recommend using the high quality items. This sauce is a basic method, where you can customize the choice of cheese depending on your recipe. Recipe for cheese sauce may vary depending on your taste.

 Just make sure to use cheese with good melting qualities like cheddar, Monterrey jack, Swiss, Gruyere, Fontina, Muenster etc. Also freshly grated cheese is preferred over pre-grated variety.

Use sharp cheddar for a tasty Mac and cheese base with a nice tang kick. Monterey or pepper jack for a nacho cheese sauce, Swiss for the Philly cheese steak, you get the idea. You can also jazz up your cheese sauce by adding other fun ingredients to it like salsa, chorizo sausage or anything you like basically.

Just a few simple steps and your cheese sauce is ready. Start by whisking butter and flour together then stir in milk and cheese. Only takes less then 15 minutes. You can even make bloves sauce in the microwave if you are really pressed for time, even though I recommend stove top method. This cheese sauce is a huge hit with everyone. Melty, velvety cheese is a great compliment to delicate vegetables and pastas.