Who said you can’t have chocolate for dinner. This homemade mole sauce recipe is divine. In this dark sauce, called the national dish of Mexico, the bitter-sweetness of the chocolate subtly counteracts the spiciness of the peppers. This rich and thick sauce has an incredible complexity of flavors and taste. The combination of unique ingredients with dominant being chili peppers and dark chocolate gives the sauce its bold, deep dark brown color and distinct taste.

To make the sauce might seem like a daunting task with over 20 ingredients and about 2 hours of cooking, it almost seems impossible. But the result is worth every minute spent making this delicious, traditional Mexican sauce. The sauce is earthy, with a slight bittersweet note and a light spicy touch. The bounty of herbs and spices used in the sauce is impressive and creates one flavorful powerhouse. Dried negro chiles, ancho chiles, anise seeds, cloves, cumin and coriander seeds just among a few of the seasonings used to cook the mole sauce.

I do not think you can really compare mole to anything else taste wise. It is peculiar and unusual in a good way which makes it simple irresistible when paired with your favorite Mexican dishes.

Mix it with shredded chicken and serve over cilantro rice or wrapped up in the tortilla. It is phenomenal on enchiladas, burritos, tostadas and tacos as well. It will take any of the dishes to the next level of deliciousness. With the abundant flavors and unique taste this sauce is a true show-stopper and is amazing when made from scratch. Homemade sauce is a real treat but this recipe calls for extra so you will have enough to make a couple of the meals so it is definitely worth the effort.