It is hard to imagine fish and chips or fresh grouper sandwich without the tartar sauce. Living in Florida there is a bounty of fresh local fish that is widely available in neighborhood fish markets. That is why I have to have a bowl of this delicious made from scratch tartar source on hand all the time. It pairs great with the seafood and can not possibly compare to the store-bought jarred stuff.

To make this sauce is a breeze. But you will love the complexity of flavors.

The star is the dill pickles. Both juice and pickles go into the mayonnaise base. They really add a nice zesty kick to the sauce. I also squeeze fresh lemon juice into the tartar sauce to brighten up the creamy mayonnaise and cut the richness of it. The fresh chopped dill adds an unbeatable freshness as well.

And the sauce is so easy to make. Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate for the future use. You can also experiment with different savory and acidic flavors and add capers, dijon or different fresh herbs like parsley to the sauce. But I am sticking to the basics here.

Serve the sauce with any of your favorite fish dishes. It really will take them to the next level of deliciousness. The potent flavors of the sauce pair great with delicate fish and subdue any of the fishy taste that people usually avoid. Even kids will eat fish when dunked in this amazing homemade tartar sauce. Here is a simple recipe for you.