Pound cakes is my favourite type of cakes, even though they are the simplest to make and may seem very unrefined and rustic to some people. I love that there’s nothing over the top in a pound cake and that it stands out for the way it’s cooked, for its exceptional smoothness and moist texture.

And there are a lot of different sour cream recipes for glazing.

Pound cakes are really simplicity taken to perfection. And this sour cream pound cake is probably the king of them all. Truthfully, it is as simple as they come, and yet, its flavor is rich, creamy, decadent, it looks perfect and is a treat to the eyes, and it compliments any meal, be it a midday tea or breakfast or a party dinner.

You will need premium flour, butter, eggs for this  sour cream pound cake recipe.

Use leftover banana as egg substitution. taste will be the same. It is one of my favourite recipes, I can’t stop repeating it.

You can use additions, especially vanilla, chocolate, buttery caramel sauce. whip ingredients in mixer.

The secret to making a perfect pound cake is good quality ingredients, used at room temperature, blended well, but not overmixed. Make sure your sour cream is very fresh and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. You can cook butter pound cake from cake mix.

You can bake this delicious best sour cream pound cake in a classic bundt pan for its traditional shape. It’s good just as it is, but optionally, you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar, add dried fruit, raisins or zest to it, pour over some honey or berry jam or whatever strikes your fancy.

Serve this with coffee, bring it along to a party, or treat your family to a delicious Sunday desert, this sour cream pound cake is perfect for any task you set for it.
This cake doesn’t have crispy crust, it is delicate.

Serve slices on smooth plate or plastic tray. I also specifically like to wrap slices in napkins.

Here’s how I make it.