Do you know what is kung pao shrimp? Save yourself a trip to a Chinese take-out and make this best delicious Kung Lao shrimp at home. This classic kung pao shrimp recipe is absolutely foolproof and easy and quick. It doesn’t take much time to make perfect dish for dinner. Not to mention that the result of this easy and quick recipe is hundred times healthier and tastier than from a restaurant. The shrimp sauce is spicy, sweet and savory with a mild heat wave from soy sauce, sriracha and hot Thai red chilies. It’s one of the best kung pao shrimp recipe at least for me!

This delicious classic Chinese dish is naturally low carb, loaded with vibrant, fresh veggies like green and red bell peppers, celery, water chestnuts and zucchini. There is no noodles, instead vegetables and shrimp are simmered in scrumptious, fragrant thick sauce (but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add noodles if you like). So this meal will be great for your diet. Peanuts add a wonderful crunch with every bite. Perfect taste, flavor and texture. This colorful dish is so pretty and appetizing, just incredible. It will be your favorite!

A kaleidoscope of bright colors is extremely eye pleasing making this kam pao shrimp dish fit for any occasion from and easy week night meal to a fancy Saturday dinner party with your friends.

And it is simple to make and comes out great every time. Have all the ingredients handy, vegetables and shrimp cook pretty fast and will be ready in no time. This kung po shrimp dish only takes 20 minutes from start to finish.

This authentic Kung Lao shrimp recipe is very easy to follow. Just a few simple steps and you will be enjoying this Chinese cuisine delight. Serve it with rice, corn tortilla and chopped peanuts and guarantee comfort to you and your guests or just enjoy on its own and serve with a side of fresh salad for a low-carb option.