There are a lot of bacon recipes, but I`m going to share best bacon wrapped shrimp recipe with  you. Amp up your appetizer game with these extraordinary bacon wrapped shrimp. Shrimp is marinated in fragrant herbs (paprika, garlic powder, black pepper and chili powder), olive oil, salt and lemon for an extra layer of flavor and then wrapped in savory bacon that has been par-cooked in the oven. I love this bacon wrapped shrimp recipe. The delicious mouthfuls are basted with sweet maple glaze for and unbeatable balance of sweet, sour and salty.

This bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer is always a crowd pleaser, super easy to make and comes out phenomenal every single time. In addition it takes minutes to cook this ultimate comfort maple bacon wrapped shrimp dish. There are couple of the essential tips how to get the best possible results with bacon wrapped shrimp. You can use bacon wrapped shrimp recipe with the oven.

You will also need bacon wrapped shrimp marinade. The size of the shrimp (as well as of cooked bacon) does matter. If you get them on a smaller side they will cook before the bacon does and turn rubbery. Jumbo shrimp will need a fork and knife to eat. We are aiming towards an ideal two bite serving size so the shrimp that is 16-20 per pound are your best choice. Par-cooking the bacon slices in the over before the wrapping process is particularly crucial. If you skip this step the bacon will not cook through and have raw and chewy spots. We do like our bacon crispy and tightly wrapped around the shrimp so this step is the textural game changer. Basting with the maple glaze ensures beautiful caramelization of the bite size surf and turf.

Try the par-cooking technique with other seafood like scallops or your favorite vegetables like asparagus or even steak.

Cook the bacon for just a few minutes to render out the excess fat but still keeping bacon pieces manageable and flexible for easy wrapping. Garnish cooked dish with parsley before serving. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce (I prefer cheese sauce). The hardest part for me in this recipe is to wait for the shrimp to be cooked. The smell emitting out of the oven is absolutely taunting. This delicious appetizer is sure to excite the taste buds even of the most sophisticated food snobs. Make sure to make a couple of batches those bacon wrapped shrimp go fast and first!