Let’s go all the way traditional with this one. Only wholesome ingredients for the perfect, fluffiest texture and flavors that will burst on your tongue creating a small explosion of pure deliciousness every time you take a bite.

This incredibly flavorful homemade dessert is not so easy to make. The key is rum, this drink is not only good in bars. Sponge cake poured in rum is completely flawless. following instructions are simple.

Rum cakes are very popular and you will probably find as many recipes as there are people making them on the regular basis, so if you stick with this one, eventually it will evolve into something new as you add your own know-how to it. But, let me share this recipe for you to start with. I won’t say it comes from my grandmother or some such, nope, it actually comes from my college friend.

She was a popular girl, especially when it came to parties. People loved having her at parties. I tend to think it wasn’t just because of her brilliant sense of humor. It was also due to this delicious rum cake. Seriously, it is so good, you will simply inhale it when it’s ready. What I love most about it is that it’s a no mixture cake and yet, it’s pretty simple to make.

There are also quite a few options to this recipe. You can make it with glaze or icing and it totally depends on you how much rum you want it to soak up. And what kind of rum it should be. I personally like to go with black rum, but I tried other kinds of rum and it tasted fine as well. Okay, let’s get to it now!

You can add strawberries, dark chocolate crumb, walnuts or other nuts to the mix in aluminum pan. Do not take frozen berries from refrigerator, they have too much moist.

Sliced cake is one of great desserts for dinners, a cup of coffee with cream on holiday, morning tea on sunday for all family. It is very tender, with syrup and has fantastic flavor.

Absolutely perfect serving of this cake is every piece wrapped in napkin, but I typically omit this and serve slices with pudding placed on plate. It is my favourite food for dinner, I can’t live without a piece of cake.