This lovely, simple, delicious recipe is something that always reminds me of childhood. I used to spend summers in Maine, at my Grandparents’ house and we would have a fair nearby. These were served at the Fair always, topped with hot fudge or strawberries or honey or ground sugar, and on Sundays my Grandma and I would go to the Fair and she’d always get me a plateful.

This is a recipe you’ll want to have at hand when you want to create a party mood for your family. It’s perfect for so many occasions! Think kids’ birthday parties, sleepovers, garage sales, play dates, you name it. The making process is simple and can even be made simpler, if you use off-the-shelf pancake mix to make the dough, for instance. Batter sifted flour and eggs, making dough, cut it with knife and start baking. Pour pot with canola oil, heat it up, and keep inside with high temperature. Fry the cake in heated pan and stir with spatula. Dough will absorb some oil and become brown.

You can also make it in so many varieties. Individual servings or a large cake everyone can take a piece of. Serve it with your favorite toppings, with ice-cream, caramel, berries, whatever strikes your fancy, really. Here’s probably the best and easiest way to cook a funnel cake I’ve found so far.

If you overcook this cake, it will be greasy, so cook it carefully according to correct time. Do not squeeze cakes, just let dry on plates. It is easier when you’re scooping sliced cakes from pot.

Put them in bowl, turn to bottom, sprinkle with sugar powder, add liquid honey topping with spoon to the powdered cakes. Classic decorative chocolate topping is optional, but be sure that cakes are poured lightly but enough. Pouring is important, do not use granulated sugar, but it is good with added whipped cream.

Fine salted fried sweetened cakes have great taste with bottle of milk.

You can keep them in pure container.