Shrimp curry in a hurry is the best name for this delicious but quick and easy dish. It takes just a few minutes and easy steps so make curry shrimp dish that has amazing flavor, taste and textures. Super flavorful, Thai cuisine inspired curry shrimp dish is ready in under 30 minutes without absolutely any sacrifices in the flavor department. Hard to imagine but I have the perfect recipe for you right here.

Just a handful of simple ingredients that everyone has in their fridge and pantry. Fresh vegetables like onions, garlic and peppers, curry powder, succulent shrimp and sweet coconut milk. Most of the flavors come from the earthy, nutty, aromatic curry powder and sweet, creamy and rich coconut milk. Staple ingredients in Thai cooking. The entire ingredients are cooked in one pot which is a game changer for a busy mom on the go. Dealing with a pile of dishes is no fun.

Shrimp is first sautéed in butter till pink and opaque, then the sauce with coconut milk is created in the same pan. We start building up the flavors by cooking fragrant vegetables and toasting the spices, then adding coconut milk in the end. The sauce is simmering away on the stove emitting taunting smell that will make anyone drool. The result is silky smooth, luxuriously rich and flavorful shrimp curry that will excite anybody’s taste buds.

Serve this wonderful culinary delight over basmati rice and with fresh chopped cilantro garnish for a complete, wholesome meal for dinner.

This easy-made meal is perfect to throw together on a busy week night, but also fancy and exotic enough to surprise your guests at the dinner party. Shrimp is a wonderful light and fast cooking protein that has a lot of good flavor and pleasant texture. It is a great compliment to the bold flavored curry sauce. You can also try this dish recipe with marinate chicken, fish, beef or other meat.