Shrimp cocktail is a quintessential elegant appetizer that you can’t imagine any formal function without. When I think shrimp cocktail I think fancy fine dining restaurant with white table cloth and attractive exquisite martini glasses filled to the brim with cocktail sauce and succulent jumbo shrimp. This version of shrimp cocktail recipe is exactly that. But do not get intimidated I have a perfect recipe for you for really the best tasting, and most flavorful shrimp for the shrimp cocktail and it is not complicated at all and doesn’t take much time to cook.

If you are willing to wait long enough you will be rewarded with the most tender, juicy, fragrant shrimp. The secret of this recipe to making this exceptional full of juices shrimp is not to boil shrimp but to prep the shrimp broth out of shells and then poach the shrimp in the broth using the residual heat from boiling the stock.

This method really takes the shrimp to the next level of deliciousness. The broth is unfused with fragrant flavors and tastes of vermouth, coriander seeds, tarragon, bay leaf, onion and lemon.

Once the shrimp stock is done and strained the shrimp is cooked in the hot salted broth without heat for a short 3 minutes. It gets infused by all the wonderful aromatics in the broth as well as with a potent shrimp flavors that develop while boiling the shells. This technique is simply genius.

Make sure to invest in a high quality large sized shrimp from your local fish market for the best results. The process is truly a labor of love but it is worth absolutely every minute spent. You would never be able to go back to that mushy, slimy shrimp cocktail that is sold pre-cooked in the store. You can not even compare the consistency, textures, the flavors and the taste. Once you try it you will be ruined for life. But this delicious and divine appetizer is simply the best. Ideal for serve for very special occasions like baby or bridal showers or family holidays. Hope you enjoy this recipe.