For all of the sushi lovers out there, there is good news! You can step out of your comfort zone and make this simple but delicious crispy shrimp tempura roll at home. And this meal is actually pretty easy and quick as long as you have a little patience and eager to learn something new. The hardest part is to make the rice and the rolling technique. Everything else is a breeze and makes really quickly. Going out for sushi can get a little pricey. And if you are really passionate about good sushi, learning how to make it at home is a no brainer. It is actually fun as long as you have all the necessary tools and ingredients.

This shrimp tempura recipe is a great beginner’s sheimp roll to train on. It is really easy and quick to cook. You will need much time just to make sushi rolls. Everything else takes just a few minutes. What is in a shrimp tempura roll? With only tree simple ingredient like shrimp and vegetables such as cucumber and avocado it can’t get easier than that.

You will also need a special bamboo rolling mat to roll up the sushi, sheets of crispy nori (seaweed) and short grain sushi rice. I took a shortcut and just bought pre-made tempura shrimp and baked them in the oven. Skipping this step saved me a lot of time and work, but you can absolutely make your own perfect tempura shrimp from scratch, I have a recipe on this website. You can bake shrimp in the oven or cook in the pan with oil if you like.

Collect all the all the shrimp tempura sushi roll ingredients and-roll away. Once you get a hang of it and conquer this amazing golden shrimp tempura roll you can start branching out and experimenting with more advanced fried seafood rolls. This delicious ebi tempura roll is perfect to introduce to your kids or anybody who is new to sushi since there is no raw fish involved. It will be their favorites, I promise. Tempora shrimp roll makes a wonderful appetizer for any of your asian inspired meals. This appetizer also can easily become a great family dinner. Here is the recipe for this fun dish.