Keto recipes usually is not full of tastes and flavours, but shrimp is naturally low carb and is a great choice for people following Keto lifestyle. This amazing easy to make shrimp pasta recipe is a cheat shrimp scampi linguine noodles. The “linguine” part is actually spiralized summer squash. This delicious vegetable is absolutely low carb and is an ideal pasta alternative. One of the tastiest keto meals. It is delicately flavored and will not overpower the tasty scampi sauce. Simply perfect taste, flavor and texture.

You will need a spiralizer tool of your choice to turn summer squash into the noodles.

The vegetable also tends to be very moist: salting the squash linguini and leaving it for a half hour before cooking will draw a great deal of water out. Just blot the excess water with paper towels and sauté the noodles for about 5 minutes. This step is a must if you want to achieve the best results and not end up with watery, flavorless dish. The rest of the scampi recipe is pretty basic and traditional. Butter, chicken stock, red pepper flakes, shrimp and lemon juice.

There are few simple keto recipes, but this one is quite easy to cook.

Toss the squash pasta together with the sauce and the shrimp and let the noodles soak in all the wonderful juices. This good dish recipe is sure to satisfy your pasta cravings without carb overload. And it is super easy to make. It takes minutes to cook this delicious dish for dinner. Just 30 minutes and you have wholesome and nutritious shrimp scampi on your plate without all the extra calories. You will love this recipe so much it will become your Keto diet regular. And it is easy enough even for the beginner cooks. Keto shrimp recipes are extremely healthy. Just simple, affordable ingredients come together by simple instructions to create this healthy and tasty shrimp scampi.