Jambalaya is a perfect traditional Cajun dish made with shrimp, sausage and rice. It is an ultimate comfort meal that is hearty and filling but also extremely flavorful and aromatic. There is nothing better to come home to on a cold rainy day than a steaming pot of warm jambalaya. Once you cook it this dish will be one of your favorite dutch over recipes.

For this particular dish recipe we are going to make rice, shrimp and sausage sauce separately. The reason is quite simple. This pot is huge and there sure to be leftovers unless you have a family of twelve to feed. If you add the rice to the pot, the jambalaya will become dry because the rice will soak in all the juices. I find this method is so much better for reheating and  enjoying the next day.

Homemade cajun seasoning takes this shrimp jambalaya recipe to the next level. Just basic spice rack staples mixed together to create an irresistible concoction boosting with cajun flavors. Onion, garlic, tomato, thyme, oregano, paprika and pepper are the aromatics that are used in this dutch oven shrimp rezepte. Holy trinity of New Orleans (onion, celery, bell peppers) and sausage build up the flavors and stewed together with tomatoes, spice mix and chicken broth.

Jambalaya is a great dish to bring to the potlucks. It is quick and easy to make in large sizes and will feed a crowd.

And everybody loves the bold flavors of thyme, paprika, onion and other spices, it is never bland or boring. This foolproof shrimp and rice recipe is perfect. Jambalaya is scrumptious and never dry even the next day. No hard to find exotic ingredients, it is pretty cost conscious and simply effortless to make. You can serve it throwing in some chicken for even more satisfying meal. Or serve this shrimp with sausage by one of the best recipes over cauliflower rice for a low-carb and Keto friendly diet.