Elevate and enliven your average breakfast omelette routine with this exotic egg foo young. This Chinese dish is a well-folded omelette with vegetables and shrimp embedded in the egg mixture. It is traditionally served with delicious gravy.

To fill up the egg pancake we are going to use fresh bean sprouts, meaty shiitake mushrooms, colorful green onions and plum shrimp. Authentically the preferred preparation method for this Chinese omelette is deep frying. But we are gonna customize it and  simply pan-fry the pancake to save a ton of calories from all the oil. You can however use any cooking method of your choice.

Making something that you have never done before might seem like an ambitious resolution and almost an impossible task, but don’t you worry. The process of making this original and pretty dish is a breeze, I promise. It is very similar to any wester omelette. Start by marinating chopped up raw shrimp with salt and pepper. Slice up your asian inspired vegetables and beat the eggs. Combine eggs with shrimp and veggies and add spices. Fry 0ver medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side.

The gravy is an essential ingredient in egg foo young. Just four simple and available ingredients like chicken stock, soy sauce, sesame oil and corn starch.

The sauce boosts a lot of savory flavors that pair perfectly with delicately tasting omelette. It is truly a great compliment to it and sets this dish apart from a regular omelette.

This tasty offering can be enjoy not only for breakfast but really any time of the day. It is healthy and nutritious thanks to the protein rich shrimp and eggs. Ideal choice for a low-carb diet.  Makes for a wonderful light dinner option when served with a a side of fresh green salad with asian dressing.