Step up your pasta game with this shrimp fettuccine. Wide and sturdy fettuccini noodles are perfect for picking up the robust sauce all till the last drop. This fettuccine pasta is an ultimate carb comforting dish. Trying to eat healthy and low-carb I do not get to eat this luxurious pasta meal often. But when I feel like splurging once in a while, on the weekends, after a hard work week, shrimp fettuccini would definitely be my number one choice. It is truly my guilty pleasure.

The predominant sauce flavors are lemon, garlic and butter, I mean heavenly right. It is also creamy and savory thanks to the heavy cream and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Lemon really cuts the richness of the sauce brightening it up. And do not forget plump, beautiful shrimp sitting on top of the bed of this goodness.

Fragrant garlic and lemon zest add to the complexity of flavors making shrimp fettuccini irresistibly aromatic.

The best part is how easy this pasta recipe is. There is no complicated ingredients at all. And it comes together in a short 20 minutes. But the result is outstanding, pasta that is a true powerhouse of potent flavors. You will not be able to get enough of it.

Just a few simple steps like boiling the pasta in salted water, sautéing the shrimp with an infusion of garlic and lemon zest and making rich and creamy sauce. I recommend using freshly grated parmesan cheese because of its better melting qualities. Also the bigger the shrimp the better for this dish. No need to peel off the tails, they add to the beautiful presentation as well as they help with the mighty shrimp flavor.

Serve this appetizing pasta garnished with a sprinkle of fresh parsley and a green side salad for a complete elegant dinner. It will be great with mushrooms and such veggies as cabbage, carrots, celery and many other vegetables to your taste. Combine and enjoy!