Searching for a fun and attractive Mexican themed appetizer for your next Margarita party or a taco Tuesday other than ordinary salsa and guacamole? Stock up on your tortilla chips because I have a perfect version of Mexican shrimp cocktail recipe for you. This delightful Mexican shrimp cocktail rezepte is a winner. When you think shrimp cocktail you probably imagine peeled jumbo shrimp served with cocktail sauce in a fancy fine dining restaurant with white tablecloth. This is none of it.

I would describe this dish recipe as a fun dip made out of salsa mixed with, chopped up shrimp and pieces of avocado, with an addition of the quintessential Mexican flavors like cilantro, lime juice and jalapeños. Perfect for scooping with corn chips. It looks very pretty and appetizing when served in personal glass cups with tortilla chips.

What a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors of such ingredients as tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, celery and avocado all in one cup. Perfect for your Mexican fiesta.

It is also unbeatably refreshing and healthy. Protein-rich shrimp is mixed with wholesome avocados that are good fat superfoods and and array of fresh veggies like tomatoes onions and peppers. Wonderful choice for a warm summer day party. And since it has more substance then just a regular salsa you will not be forced to engulf a bag of chips to feel full, which is always a good thing. You can even eat it with a spoon and omit the chips all together as a low-carb option.

Making this Mexican inspired shrimp cocktail is a breeze. Here is the recipe of how to make Mexican shrimp cocktail. Boil the shrimp in salted water. Chop up already cooked shrimp (or leave them whole if they are small) and veggies and combine them with tomato sauce and spices. Serve in small cocktail glasses. It can’t get easier than that. And it doesn’t take much time, you need just a few minutes to cook this tasty meal! This delicious and flavorful dish is also a great make ahead option. It tastes even better after a couple of hours in the fridge when all the flavors had time to blend in together and chill. Super convenient if you are planning a party. I highly recommend you give this amazing, original recipe a try, you will get hooked, I promise. Enjoy!