Portillo’s is a Chicago area iconic restaurant known for their fast food and chocolate cake! This is their signature chocolate recipe and it is pretty amazing. My husband travels all over and he sworn that the cake is to die for. So I found the recipe and recreated it. He was right the cake is phenomenal.

Now let’s talk about the portillo’s chocolate cake ingredients list. The secret to the delicious, moist cake batter is, wait for it, mayonnaise! I know, I know everyone is probably sticking their tongues out screaming “gross” but truly did you realize that mayonnaise is simply oil, and egg yolks whipped together, very common ingredients in baked goods anyways. Another surprise ingredient is the base for the cake. It is Betty Crocker super moist chocolate butter cake recipe mix. The guys at Portillo’s really like to keep things simple let me tell you.

If you not in awe of the ingredient list yet just wait for it: The frosting component is the Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting from a can. But who cares what the ingredients really are when the end result is really moist, soft, fluffy, rich and decadent chocolate cake. And who cares how many calories in portillo’s chocolate cake you will count as you will eat this yummy cake.

I highly recommend to give this extra easy recipe a try. It is perfect to make at the last moments notice because there is just so few ingredients. But it comes put amazing every single time. And super simple to make as an added bonus.