This is the recipe for the homemade from scratch picante sauce that can be doubled as a sauce or a salsa. It is so good my husband uses it on everything. With no additives and preservatives it is a much better alternative to the bland store bought sauce, and very easy to make as an added bonus.

It is full of fresh tomatoes, chipotle peppers, lime juice, mixed chili peppers, cilantro and much more. Very traditional Mexican cuisine ingredients. This sauce has it all, a combination of smokey, tangy, spicy, fresh and aromatic. Extremely flavorful and fragrant as well the sauce is a true show stopper.

And the best part you can adjust the spiciness level whichever suits your personal palette better.The recipe is very flexible and you can make the sauce with any type of chili peppers you’re in the mood for.

Do not like it hot and want to make milder, kid friendly version – use red, yellow or orange bell peppers. You’ll still get the peppery, smoky flavors you are looking for but without all the spiciness. Craving a good mid-range heat level – Go with a mix of peppers like jalapeños and Serranos.

The recipe is very easy on the brain and practically effortless. Simply add all of the ingredients to the food processor and blend. Then pour into the pot and stew for about 20 minutes to let all the flavors blend in together. The sauce will easily store in the fridge for a couple of months if it even lasts a week.