These dual purpose shredded chicken sliders can be a fun appetizer to bring to any party or a carb comforting quick and easy meal that the whole family will love. Since sliders are small sandwiches you can really pick and choose if you wanna have 1 or 10.

The sliders are very kid friendly as well, they love to pick up and eat the little savory sandwiches with melting cheese oozing out. The buns are buttery and flaky, a perfect pairing for the chicken and cheese.

The sliders are one of those meals that comes together in a flash with just a handful of basic ingredients that are sitting in your pantry and fridge with no destination. For the shredded chicken you can use any leftover delicately seasoned chicken like poached, boiled or rotisserie. The only other ingredients you will need are the Original Kings Hawaiian Rolls, provolone cheese( or any cheese with good melting qualities like cheddar or Swiss), melted butter, dijon mustard, sugar and poppy seeds.

To make the sliders is so easy. Simply pile the chicken and the cheese onto the slices in half rolls, place the top part back, then use a serrated knife and cut in between all the rolls. This is an essential step. We are coating the rolls with melted butter mix and you really want it to drip down into all the crevices to infuse the whole dish with delicious butter and mustard flavors.

Serve delicious bite size sandwiches with vegetables and dip, fresh salad, potato salad or a coleslaw for a complete meal. Follow the steps below to make chicken sliders.