I love salsas because they are a fine way to get veggies to those who are picky about eating them. My daughter and husband love chips and they would eat pretty much anything with chips. So, I cook this salsa and serve it as a snack with tortilla chips on a summer day.

Everything is perfect about this salsa. It’s greatly balanced out with protein from black beans, plenty of fiber from the veggies and good fats from olive oil. It’s colorful and vibrant and if you want your holiday or party table to look decorative, it’s a fine dish to add to your party menu.

It’s also very easy to make and all the fresh ingredients, herbs and spices create a burst of flavors everyone loves. I have just a few tips for this recipe. First, use the canned stuff. It’s easier to handle and you’ll know the beans and the corn are cooked. However, using corn kernels from grilled corn is also a great idea.

You can use either diced or chopped fresh tomatoes, whatever floats your boat. I think it’s also vital to use good quality olive oil because it provides distinct flavor and you don’t’ want your salsa spoiled. I also wouldn’t recommend chopping veggies in a food processor, unless you are absolutely sure that you have a chopping mode that doesn’t produce pieces that are so small they look like a puree.

Other than that, the instructions are below, have at it and I hope you have fun!