This wonderful corn casserole originates from Paula Deen and the result is delicious, creamy, soft baked goodie. One thing I love about it is that the recipe is that it’s cooked without either salt or sugar. There’s enough sweetness from the corn and saltiness from the cheddar cheese to make it very balanced out.

The casseroles comes out smooth and oh so flavorful. It’s the perfect combination of naturally sweet and salty and a great addition to a holiday table.

I love making this casserole as part of a big holiday dinner, especially during the fall season. It’s almost always on my table for thanksgiving. This casserole goes great as a side dish for turkey for those who aren’t big fan of mashed potatoes. I also cook it for summer outings with grilled steaks, because it’s quick, inexpensive and great with steaks and burgers.

The making process is really simple, and just one tip here, don’t cut on the butter, because this is what makes it extra creamy, soft and delicious. You can also substitute some of the corn for grilled corn, either grated or whole kernels, to add a bit of delicious smoky flavor.

If this simple too simple, there are a few things that go very well as additions to the recipe. My fave is bits of smoked bacon or sausage. I also love adding ricotta or fresh mozzarella to make some creamy or gooey cheese pockets. All in all, this casserole is a great field for experiments, so have at it. I hope you enjoy this recipe! Just follow the quick steps below.