Many people think that there aren’t really that many ways you can make a pumpkin pie, and in a way, they are right. There’s only so much elbow room when it comes to spices and other ingredients. But you can do a lot to make different textures, shapes and play with the flavors a bit.

This pumpkin pie recipe doesn’t stray too much from the classics, but a few minor details make it stand out. First, I use Libby’s canned Pure Pumpkin for the filling. This canned pumpkin is just that – pumpkin. I like it this way better than using a ready made pumpkin pie filling, because I can use my own combination of spices.

Which is also the reason why I don’t use a pumpkin spice mix in this recipe rather taking a dash of every spice separately. You can also notice that I use cloves and no nutmeg. This makes the pie a bit different. And, if you can, try making this with fresh grated ginger, it will add a lovely tartness.

I also use evaporated milk instead of cream, it gives a light caramel hint of flavor when the pie is baked. The rest is pretty much about the mixing and the baking. If you want the pie extra fluffy, try beating the egg whites and yolks separately and fold in the whites as the last ingredient.

Serve this pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of a whipped cream topping. I hope you enjoy this recipe!