This traditional butterscotch pie has been baked in my husband’s family for ages and is a dish my in laws take pride in. And I can see why, the caramel flavor of the filling is absolutely irresistible, and my mother in law makes it so smooth. 

The meringue on top of this butterscotch pie is an absolute perfection. It’s still slightly soft on the inside and golden brown and crusty on the outside. It presents both a very aesthetically pleasing picture and a great addition to the flavor and the texture of the filling.

You can make this pie completely from scratch, including making your own pie crust, especially if you have a favorite and trusted pie crust recipe, or use a store bought pie shell.

The secret to this pie is to cook the butterscotch filling correctly. First, make sure you stir it constantly so that no lumps are formed. Then, when it’s time to add the egg yolks, the mixture shouldn’t be too hot to make the yolks instantly curdle, but it also shouldn’t be too cooled to start setting. If you manage that, consider your pie done and done perfectly, the rest is pretty easy. 

This pie is best served cold so that the filling sets well and I do recommend keeping the leftovers in the fridge, that is, if you actually have any left. I hope you enjoy both the baking and the eating! Just follow the simple walkthrough below.