There’s something about coconuts and custard, these two have something that makes them go together so well. I’ve tried eating and making coconut desserts aplenty, and my favorite combo is coconut with some kind of a creamy filling, like simple egg custard.

Custard is one of the best fillings for pies I know of and making it is super easy. It also goes so well with a variety of other ingredients and flavors, that mastering a basic custard pie will allow you to cook a whole lot of various pies.

This coconut custard pie is made with a store-bought pie crust, but of course, you can make your own if you prefer. I also tried adding coconut milk along with the regular milk and even a little coconut butter, to give the custard itself a little more of the coconut flavor and it worked great, I must say. 

The rest is basically the mixing and the baking. The good thing about this particular recipe is that you don’t have to cook the custard separately, watching over it and stirring for a lengthy amount of time, but I do recommend mixing it well so that no clumps form and the texture is smooth and even. 

Decorate with any whipped topping and coconut shavings or white chocolate shavings to your taste. I hope you enjoy this recipe!