Chicken patties are extremely versatile and healthy. They are Paleo, gluten-free and whole 30-approved but way more flavorful and juicy then an ordinary chicken breast. They can be used in salad wraps, on top of the power grain bowls, with salads, in a slider or burger, as a great wholesome alternative to a breakfast sausage or simply by themselves with your favorite dipping sauces.

The ingredient list for the chicken patties is ridiculously short with just ground chicken, grated zucchini and aromatics and herbs. But they are really delicious. Zucchini being an essential ingredient to keeping them nice and moist without any  extra added calories. Seriously there is no flour, breadcrumbs, eggs  or anything in the chicken patties, they are as healthy as they get.

And they are very easy to make which is always a plus. Simply combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and pan sear the patties on a pan with a splash of coconut or any other light oil.

They are ready in a breezy time of 20 minutes and always come out great. You can also substitute ground chicken for the ground turkey, whatever suits your personal palette.

Serve them with any of the delicious dipping sauces like honey mustard,  BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce,  hummus or Ranch dressing. They are a little bit spicy thanks to the cayenne peppers and you can omit it of your are making the potties for the kids and serve sriracha mayo on the side for a spicy kick.