Chicken breast has an impressive amount of advantages when it comes to choosing a main course for dinner. It’s lean meat, it’s cheap, it’s easy to cook and the leftovers can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Predictably, chicken breast is very close to the top on the list of the most common dishes for dinner or lunch. Baked, boiled, fried, cooked in instant pot or in a slow cooker, there are so many ways to cook it.

But what if it’s just to hot in an oven (or you have an electric oven and are trying to cut down on your electricity bill) and you don’t have time for slow cooker and don’t own an Instant Pot? Can delicious chicken breast be cooked in a pan?

Yes it can. There are a few tips on how to fry or sauté chicken breast in a pan, do it in a food safe way and prepare and cook everything to perfection. When cooking in a pan, it’s easy to overdo your chicken and it’s also easy to sear the outside and leave the inside undercooked. Overdone chicken is just too dry and chewy and no amount of sauce will be able to fix it well.

Underdone chicken tastes really bland and poses a salmonella threat. It’s always best to use a meat thermometer. The cooking time will depend on very many factors, like the size of your chicken breasts, particularly, their thickness, the way your stove burner functions and others, like whether you’re cooking the chicken boneless and skinless or bone-in and skin-on. So, if you use a thermometer, you will know for sure that your meat is done.

Stick it into the thickest part of the meat. The safe temperature is about 165F. If your chicken has reached the desired temperature, but it’s still not very crispy, crank the heat up on high for half a minute.

To make the chicken tender and juicy, well done and not overly dry, in a pan, you’ll need to sauté it in a mix of butter and oil. There are very many recipes you can use this chicken for. If you want an Italian styled dinner, you can serve it with spaghetti and any pasta sauce. Throw in some French fries and green salad, to have an all-American styled dinner.

Have any good tips to share for frying chicken in a pan? Sound below!

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